A BEAUTY therapist is on a mission to not only make people feel good, but also do good for small businesses and the planet.

Rebecca Collins' Beauty Box business is going from strength to strength after launching in lockdown.

Each box is filled with UK-based self-care and beauty products from small businesses, which are all vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

The idea came about after Rebecca, who lives in Northwich, was forced to stop her beauty services during lockdown.

Rebecca got to work helping people by sewing items like face masks and scrubs for the NHS.

She also sent out products to help her clients through the period – such as home facial kits, custom-made press on nails and wellness boxes.

"They went down so well that I put together a 'Beauty Box' and sold them all within days," she said.

"It was such a success I started to think about where my beauty therapy skills would fit into this new world and how I could incorporate small ethical businesses.

"I talked with Sara Wrigley whom I worked alongside at a salon and we discussed taking the 'Beauty Box' further.

"We researched, planned and made contact with numerous small UK businesses.

"We all saw how much the planet healed while we were in lockdown and I thought 'imagine if we could carry this on and keep healing and protecting our planet'.

"The cosmetics industry accounts for such a large amount of the damage done to the planet, and by encouraging more people to go eco-friendly and plastic free we can do 'self-care' with a conscience.

"In December 2020 Sara and I launched our first official 'Beauty Box'.

"It was a Christmas edition and featured 11 small businesses and since then we have released three more featured boxes (a facial, detox and summer box) and in total featured and supported almost 25 small ethical UK businesses.

"We believe that beauty and self-care is important, but it shouldn't come at the cost of the planet or it's animals.

"Our Beauty box is vegan, natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, and because our suppliers are small UK family-run businesses, our carbon footprint is low, and we get to support a family and dream.

"As well as supporting small businesses we also support a small local animal charity.

"Our current charity is 'The rainbow bird rescue'."

Visit instagram.com/thebeautyboxuk for the chance to win a Halloween-themed box.

More details can be found at thebeautyboxuk.co.uk/shop.