A NEW skate park in Northwich has moved a step closer after the town council agreed to look at funding options.

Last year, more than 1000 people signed a petition calling urging the council to consider build a brand new facility to replace those located in Verdin and Vickersway Parks.

Both of the existing skate parks are considered to be getting old and outdated and according to the council 'need a considerable amount of money to rectify' them.

Having recently completed work to refurbish the play area at Old Hall Road, which was formally opened last month, the town council has now switched its priorities to a new skate park.

A report submitted to this month's town council meeting stated: "The site to the bottom of Vickersway is well used but becoming outdated and showing signs of wear that will need a considerable amount of money to rectify.

"Various groups have asked that we look at replacing the existing skate park at Vickersway and we have been working with then over the last few months to set up a user’s group.

"As we have now finished Old Hall Road Play Area it was always the intention to look at replacing the skate park, as we now have a local group in place who have already held an event on the skate park I feel this is the ideal time to formally look at funding opportunities to replace the current facility."

The council are now in discussions with resident-led group Rudheath and Witton Together, to see if a match-funding agreement can be made.

"We have received some section 106 monies to put towards the scheme," the statement added.

"The deadline for submitting an application is December 1, which gives us less then eight weeks to pull the full scheme together."

The council will now contact several skate park installers to obtain quotes, as well as consult with user groups to determine what they would like to see in the new facility.

It is hoped a final application with design and costs will be completed by the December 1 deadline.