John Blower provides an update on how the junior players in their Superstars programme are progressing at Northwich Rugby Club...

THE youngest Northwich Rugby Club Superstars, of pre-school age, are developing into a strong squad.

Our coaches are very proud to be working with them as they go from strength to strength.

In recent training, their opponents stood tall and were a little static but they really knew how to implement a defensive line.

Northwich Guardian:

The Northwich Superstars made solid runs through a difficult mix of big red defenders, taking everything from training into the game.

Reception/Year 1 is all about fun.

The under sixes play non-contact tag rugby, but they don’t actually play in any competitive games versus other clubs – that starts when they get to under sevens.

Emphasis is on learning some basic skills and having a bit of fun as well as developing confidence.

For many kids, they will also be experiencing a team environment for the first time and we spend time working on both individual skills and team situations.

Our under eights have welcomed Altrincham Kersal, Aspull and Broughton Park to Moss Farm, and have visited Glossop.

The team has changed so much in the past few weeks since returning from the summer break.

Teamwork and confidence from some more experienced members has been amazing. They are leading the way in welcoming the news ones to the team and really helping them progress into an amazing squad as a whole.

Coach Stephen Boonham and the rest of the coaching team couldn’t be more proud of the way the whole team are working together.

Last Sunday saw more match action for our under nines team.

The squad showed great grit and will in a battling performance at Glossop.

There were flashes of the hard work that the squad have put into honing their skills during the Covid-19 pandemic, with several tries that would not have looked out of place on a Super 12 highlights reel.

A lesson in sportsmanship was forthcoming from an under nines player. Tag was being played but with a rule of six passes. Once the game started Northwich soon found some continuity with tag, pass, catch and run. They quickly gained their rhythm and the ball passed between teammates until a gap was spotted which resulted in a clear sprint to the try line.

Surprisingly the Northwich player suddenly stopped dead in his tracks just short of scoring.

A shocked referee asked if the player was ok, for Alfie to reply: “When I was running I realised it was six passes and I should give the ball to them."

While proving a true act of sportsmanship the coach said he was more pleased by the act, because it displayed the players are no longer just running with the ball. They now have an understanding and are thinking about rugby and reading how a game develops in front of them.

The under 10s scored many tries in a thrilling opening game to the new season. With the junior and Superstars section motto "Give it a try" proudly emblazoned on their shirts Northwich ran in a number of spectacular tries.

The players can be proud of their performances, not looking out of place and getting thoroughly stuck in!

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