A TEAM of determined staff members from a car dealership in Northwich have been driving a 'banger' for 890 miles around the UK.

Motor Connect in Lostock Gralam has been taking part in this years Bangers4Ben charity rally since Saturday, and they are due to finish today, Tuesday.

The charity challenge has seen the team of two travel around the country in a car which costs less than £750.

Each team taking part needed to decorate their cars and go in fancy dress, all with the same theme – The Motor Connect team chose The A-Team.

Lisa Corwood from Motor Connect explained: "With only 50 places available in this years Bangers4Ben, Motor Connect decided to join the convoy in the 11th rally ran by Automotion Events in support of Ben.

"Ben is a charity dedicated to supporting people of the automotive industry, providing support for life for them and their family dependents.

"If you are one of the 800,000 people working in automotive in the UK, whether you work on the shop floor or the top floor, in a factory, garage, office or showroom or on the road, Ben are here to support you.

"The banger could not cost any more than £750 and a theme had to be decided.

"At the end of the four-day drive, all cars are auctioned off, finalising the fundraising for this event.

"The total distance covered is more than 800 miles and your car as to arrive at the finish without the help of the AA.

"Our mental health varies all the time and this was something that the MD Stephen Corwood was keen to get behind.

"He said, 'mental health in the auto industry alone has an even bigger challenge than ever before and if we can help let's get behind a fantastic charity'.

"Joining this year Bangers4Ben enables Motor Connect to raise money, awareness, and support for Ben, and to take away the stigma that is attached to mental health needs.

"It gets people talking and that is something our team is proud of."

To donate to The A-Team's efforts, visit giving.ben.org.uk/pf/motorconnect.