A 90-YEAR-old has not let being blind hold her back – she has driven a car, ridden on the back of a Harley-Davison and even flown a plane over Liverpool – and she's not finished yet.

Blodwen Phillips celebrated her 90th birthday in July, in the same year Guide Dogs had its 90th anniversary.

The fearless Northwich resident was invited to be part of the charity's birthday celebrations and Blodwen said she and her guide dog Faith thoroughly enjoyed the experience – which also included appearing on the radio and television.

Local celebrity Blodwen has raised £20,000 for Guide Dogs since she got her first dog Leon in 1996 and started walking along Whitegate Way.

But Blodwen's adventures soon become much more hair-raising.

She said: "Just because I'm 90, I'm still willing to have a go at things, I don't feel my age.

"After my first dog died I had another called Ufton and Guide Dogs organised a blind drive.

"It was a school of motoring car and it was dual controlled and I sat in the car and the instructor said put your foot on the pedal and I said 'where is it?'

"He said 'you have to go a bit faster' and I got around but I was petrified."

Northwich Guardian:

Not only has Blodwen driven a car, but she has also ridden on the back of a Harley-Davison.

"I was hanging on for dear life but by the end of it I really enjoyed it," she added.

Blodwen also embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a plane over Liverpool.

"I got in the plane and the pilot said 'I’ll get us airborne but then it’s up to you'," Blodwen recalled.

"We got airborne and she told me what to do. I took over and we had quite a long flight.

"When we got down I was glad to get my own two feet back on the ground.

"I thought, I’m getting used to this, and I fancied driving a steam engine."

Stoking up a steam engine was next on Blodwen's daredevil list of adventures, following by skidding in a police car and navigating a ferry.

In her latest activity, Blodwen could put her feet up and relax and be the passenger for a change for her 90th birthday celebrations at Winnington Park Recreation Club.

Northwich Guardian:

She was treated to a ride in a limo with trusted guide dog Faith.

A spokesperson for Guide Dogs said: "Blodwen Phillips was born in 1931, the same year that Guide Dogs for the Blind Association UK was founded, now known as Guide Dogs.

"As this life changing charity celebrates its 90th anniversary, Blodwen celebrates her 90th birthday with guide dog Faith by her side.

"Since the first guide dog partnerships began in Britain in 1931, over 36,000 partnerships have now been trained. the charity has grown to provide a range of different services.

"These include the world-renowned guide dog service, buddy dogs, companion dogs and sighted guides.

"The charity has also become the largest employer of specialists dedicated to helping children and young people with sight loss.

"For more information visit guidedogs.org.uk."