THE team behind one of the most popular ice cream attractions in Cheshire could have easily just opened another dessert parlour in Northwich for its expansion and be done.

But instead, the sister brand of the award-winning Ice Cream Farm at Barons Quay has become a quirky venue and community hub for young families in its own right.

Sticky Paws offers a place to eat or go for an ice cream treat plus a free indoor adventure play area all-in-one.

The dining area and ‘Flavour Forest’ are next to each other which works really well because the kids can let off some steam while you relax with a coffee.

There is plenty for them to climb and explore in ‘Cone Mountain’, ‘Tree Top Bounce’ and ‘Ice Cream Mill’ such as slides, a high net to clamber over, bouncy areas and tunnels to crawl through.

There is also a separate area for toddlers.

The food experience is pretty novel too. There is a great range of The Ice Cream Farm ice creams to enjoy or take away as you would expect (I recommend salted caramel).

But there is also a menu of light bites which is kind of like a kid-friendly version of tapas. We had things like pasta, halloumi fries, pizza bites and chips. The smoothies were lovely too. The only criticism is dairy and meat-free options are currently limited (my son has allergies and my partner is vegan).

But the concept is great and it’s made particularly easy as you order everything from a tablet – so you can add things like more drinks, snacks or ice cream as you go along before paying on your way out.

And your kids can go in the play areas as much as they like.

For family time in Northwich, Sticky Paws have it licked.