VEGAN honey is coming to Northwich Vegan Market this weekend.

On September 4, Jack Berry will have a lively booth at the Northwich Vegan Market where this ‘bee-free honee’ will be introduced to customers.

Founder Jack says that his bee-free honee ‘looks like honey, tastes and smells like honey, and reacts in the same way as ‘regular’ honey’.

He added: “It gives people a delicious alternative that correlates with The Vegan Society’s definition of veganism, which seeks to exclude not just cruelty, but exploitation.

“This product is going to change the way we enjoy tasty treats while sustaining our environment.

“The world’s bee population is recognized as being in decline and yet the demand for honey is going up.”

On Saturday, people can find Jack at the vegan market in Apple Market Place – the newly developed community space in Northwich – from 10.30am until 4pm to talk about veganism and try the bee-free honee.

Jack said he is thrilled to introduce a ‘sustainable solution to satisfy taste’ while protecting the bee population.