EVERYONE has their own reasons for their choice.

Most of us can usually agree that we have our favourite pub. Whether it be for its atmosphere, the people, the service, or the drinks itself, there is always the go-to that springs to mind.

So, when we put the question to you, you responded in your numbers. As a result, we have rounded up the most popular pubs in Northwich, according to you.

The Lambs Wharf

The Lostock Gralam pub was the most popular of the recommendations by Northwich residents.

Amanda Newton said: “Sue Lamb and Stephen Lamb are the best landlord and landlady, their staff are superb. Obviously, with their leadership, they wouldn't be anything else.

“You cannot fail to have a fantastic night and you cannot wait for your next night out there. They also do a lot for charity so all this makes it the best pub in Northwich, in fact in the land.”

Rob Young added: “They are always friendly and welcoming, have top quality live music, host excellent charity events, there is a community feeling, it is in a great location and it’s biker friendly. They are always willing to help and are all around good people.”

Kevin Rodgers also said: “They have top class live music, great beer and fab owners. Oh, and the canal views...forgot to mention the canal views and the canal-side seating.”

The Witton Chimes

The Witton Chimes was also a popular shout among readers.

Stephen Carter said: “Witton Chimes is a fantastic traditional boozer with a very committed landlord in Adam Prestage.

David Brown added: “Witton Chimes has a top landlord in Adam Prestage and it is a top night out.”

The Green Dragon

The Witton Street pub has been hailed as having a fantastic atmosphere which is friendly, and that they do a lot locally and are great value for money.

David Valentine added: “Top staff, brilliant atmosphere and a brilliant landlady in Jeanette Brown.”

The Salty Dog

The High Street pub has also been praised by others for what they offer.

Russell Berryman said: Salty Dog is the best for beer variety and a wide range of live music.”

Alan Abbott added: “Great real ale and great music.”

Bowling Green

The London Road pub is the oldest pub in Northwich and still has customers hailing the place.

Roger Knight said: “The Bowling Green has some of the best home-cooked pub food I’ve ever had. Love it there.”

David Hodkinson added: “I would agree with the above that all are very good.

"I think the stand out ones are Wittion Chimes and Green Dragon both do lots in the community and charities.”

Michael Duffy helped pay tribute to several pubs who were all deserving of praise.

“There’s no right answer to this. We are blessed at the moment. The Salty Dog for music and great beers. The Salthouse for chilled drinks. Bird In The Hat for cocktails. Bear for great food and booze Witch is great for sport. That’s just naming a few. We are lucky,” he said.

The Quayside, the Clock Tower and the Greenbank hotel were among others to receive shoutouts.