That is how one Northwich coffee shop has described the ‘phenomenal’ community response in donating to Afghanistan refugees with the café acting as a point where residents can bring items to help others.

Abda Ltd on Crown Street has had over 100 bags of clothes, toiletries and more brought to their shop for them to take to Manchester.

“I think we’re most proud of the community for getting alongside us”, Claire Dutton, barista at Abda said.

“It’s been such a community effort and without people donating things we would have maybe a car full to take over selves, but there really has been such a fantastic response by the community.

“It has been really heart-warming for us to see that the need has arisen but people have met that need in a final way.”

“The response we’ve had so far has just been phenomenal. We put the appeal out on Friday and we’ve had over 100 bin bags donated over the weekend with more coming in yesterday – even though we are closed.”

Abda and their team just wanted to help however they could, and working as a donation point, they could do so.


Abda Obeid-Findley, Chloe Barlow, Sophie France and Claire Dutton (left-right) pictured as part of the team at Abda Ltd

Abda Obeid-Findley, Chloe Barlow, Sophie France and Claire Dutton (left-right) pictured as part of the team at Abda Ltd


Claire continued: “We just wanted to help in anyway that we could and I had thought of getting myself on a plane and getting to Kabul and thought maybe it’s not the best idea.

“We realised that maybe we could get involved this way, be a collection point and be able to tangibly help but without getting in anyone else’s way.”

They have had lots of donations of ladies, kids and larger men’s clothes – they are still accepting them – but they would really like other clothing and items too.

“Coats, trainers (especially men’s), new underwear including socks and bras, backpacks, nappies, babygrows and especially men’s size small and medium clothes,” Claire added.

“Also basic toiletries and sanitary products, small games such as packs of cards and mobile phones & tablets to enable refugees to contact family and friends who may also be displaced.”

Donations can be dropped at Abda Ltd from Wednesday to Saturday, 8am - 5pm. The Abda team will drop off once a week at Care4Calais in Manchester.