HAVEN’t we all missed a dance and a singalong?

Well, I certainly have, despite how bad I may be. And so have the Zangwills boys who are back in action after, barring one gig, nearly 18 months out of action following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

They have wowed crowds at the Salty Dog, Tributes on the Hill and RivFest and take to Manchester Academy on September 17.

Ed Dowling, who operates bass, could not be more excited to be back doing what they do best.

“It’s really exciting and doesn’t seem real,” he said.

“It’s such an odd one.”

“It is pretty surreal to be back after so little going on for so long and we’re playing live again to almost sold out crowds again.

The band, who met through Sir John Deane's College were well on their way up before the pandemic hit, garnering hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify.

“Covid was a massive down for everyone and we had just played our date in Manchester at the start of February, and a month later it all came crashing down,” Ed, who went to Lymm High School, continued.

“It was weird not being able to do what we do as a band – we couldn’t gig, practice, meet up, it was pretty bad but you have to stay positive and try and stay productive as possible.

And after all that, with gigs back flowing, the Zangwills are back on their way up so if I were you, I’d keep them dancing shoes on for next time to go to see them.