WE asked, you answered.

In honour of Afternoon Tea Week last week, we wanted to know which is the best café in Northwich.

So, we put it to you, and you responded in your numbers with your favourites and here is how the results came out.

The Ark Café

The Navigation Road café was a popular choice among readers.

Charlene Stuart said: “It has the most amazing food and I love the fact that it's by the community for the community.

“It's so lovely and peaceful and if you have an adult or child with any type of anxiety, disability or food issues I can honestly say I never been anywhere so accepting and understanding.

Sandra Lloyd described it as a lovely and peaceful setting by the river

Terri Arnold added:”Lovely atmosphere, great food , kind caring staff.”


The Crown Street coffee shop appeals to many who are gluten free, as well as being a popular choice.

Rachel Toni Ollier said: “Any one that has a gluten free menu the only is Abda.”

Sue Reissing added: “Abda’s, without doubt.”

Charlie’s Café

Potentially the most popular of the lot, Charlie’s Café is well thought upon by a lot of Northwich residents.

Toni Hall said: “Charlies absolutely nothing compares. I’ve been going for years for a reason - value for money, lovely staff, gluten free options, no pets allowed, welcome breast feeding and it’s always busy because it’s the best.

Sandra Heath Wilding added: “Charlie’s for value for money, but we have some nice cafes in town.”

Susie Spann also said that she is definitely a fan of Charlie’s Café.

The Coffee House

Zoe Rigby and Rachel Preston both shouted out the Barons Quay coffee shop and are fans.


Paradox, on Witton Street, is said to be first class according to Michael Beddard, and John Goonan is a fan too, as well as Temple bar.

Sandra Johnson said: “Paradox cafe lovely food and pleasant staff.”

Lesley Moore added: “Paradox for sure. Great food, great service and reasonably priced too.”

Other recommendations included Poppy Rose, Bruschetta, Bear and Vinnies.