ANOTHER week of football shows you how it can take you from the heights of enjoyment to the depths of despair so quickly.

A great win at Longridge in the FA Cup, followed by a hard fought win against Wythenshawe Town and then with hopes high, Vics crash 2-0 at home on Saturday against the same Longridge team we had beaten last weekend!

Ok we had injuries, but there was no excuse for a poor performance.

With two difficult games this week, against Congleton on Tuesday and then the FA Cup match against Clitheroe on Sunday (due to Witton being at home on Saturday), it’s going to be an interesting week for Vics.

Any FA Cup match is always something worth watching especially when you’re up against a higher ranked team and you have the chance to be a giant-killer (ok so Clitheroe are only one league higher but it all counts).

So why not come down and see if we can do it. Indeed you could have a football weekend, go and watch Witton on Saturday and Vics on Sunday and then decide if you’re a Vics or a Wittoner for the rest of the season.

Why not give it a try, you never know you may become hooked like I did. The future is green, however, of course!

One thing that Vics fans are talking about this week was whether they had ever seen a better goal then Brad Lynch’s effort in the 86th minute to seal the win against Wythenshawe Town last Wednesday. I haven’t.

It was a magnificent lobbed shot from 40 yards, perfectly placed just under the crossbar but above the despairing hands of the keeper.

Give it a watch on the Northwich Victoria TV channel on YouTube here: