TAKE a look around the sunflower meadow that residents of Cheshire can visit.

For the next three weekends, Little Heath Farm in Dunham will be hosting their flower exhibit once again to let little ones learn about them, as well as have fun walking around thousands of sunflowers.

“It’s more of a full day out than last year, it’s not just a walk," Tom Jones, operations manager at the farm, said.

“The main reason we do it really is to make people smile. Already this morning, everyone’s said just how uplifting it is and it’s nice to see that we can provide that through a crop that is effectively benefitting nature. People that are coming in and supporting our way of farming and nature itself."

The meadow was such a success last year, it makes a lot of sense to continue it, with a few changes.

Tom continued: “We were trying to create a bio-diverse crop for nature to enhance the bees and butterflies, the pollinators for the rest of the farm.

“The way the last year went with lockdown and the village being so busy, it just exploded and the meadows was a bit of a place to go. I think the sunflower field made one of the 10 best pictures of the year on an American news channel.

One of the sunflowers at Little Heath Farms meadow

One of the sunflowers at Little Heath Farm's meadow

“It was busier than anyone expected it to be. It just brought so much warmth and happiness to people through lockdown.

“We’ve done it again just to make it more accessible for people and to hopefully brighten up their summer again."

The meadow has moved location so it can be accessed through the farmyard with a car park, toilets and all their own food is on offer and cooked on the barbecue.

It is open Friday – Sunday until the first weekend in September, including bank holiday Monday

And it is priced at £5 per car, £2 per person if you are walking or cyclist and it is free for under 5s.