AT just nine years old, Bayley Walklate has raised enough money to fund two defibrillators for Middlewich Football Club.

The young footballer was inspired to fundraise and help protect his teammates after Danish player Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed during a Euro 2020 match.

Linda Boden, SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death) UK representative for Middlewich, presented Bayley with the defibrillators on Sunday.

Linda lost her son Andrew in 2006 when he died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 26 and has been campaigning with SADS UK every since.

She said: “Every morning throughout June Bayley has been getting up at 6am and running a couple of miles before going to school and sometimes in the evening until he ran a marathon.

“He actually raised enough for two defibrillators.

“What the club wants to do is have a defibrillator for all of its teams to take with them because they could be playing out in the middle of nowhere.

“It’s for the other side's players too and the parents and grandparents who come to watch – it’s for everyone.”

Bayley was presented with a certificate, which was kindly framed free of charge by Ashley the Picture Framer in Middlewich.

Andy Hopley, the club chairman, stated: "The club are incredibly proud of Bayley and his family.

"For such a young man to set around raising this money shows great thought and endeavour and I am sure that his family are proud of him as well."

Founder of SADS UK, Anne Jolly MBE, added: “It is fantastic to see the work that Bayley has done in raising awareness and funds for the defibrillator for his football team.

“When a cardiac arrest happens, the sooner CPR and the defibrillator are used, the more likely it is that the person will survive.

“Many lives have been saved using defibrillators and nowadays anyone can use them.

“The defibrillator gives voice prompts telling the rescuer exactly what to do.

“The telephone call handler who takes the emergency call will also stay on the line to give the person confidence whilst they are using this lifesaving equipment.”