TWO sisters have achieved a life-long ambition by opening up their very own organic cafe on the outskirts of Northwich.

Lynn Fowler and Louise Barber-Redmore are both deeply passionate about food and where it comes from and always harboured dreams of one day opening their own eaterie.

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And now, after decades of cooking and baking at home, that day has finally arrived with the siblings opening the doors to The Green Kitchen, located just off the A49 Warrington Road in Bartington.

Northwich Guardian: The Green Kitchen has just opened its doors in Bartington

The Green Kitchen has just opened its doors in Bartington

Lynn, who lives in Acton Bridge, while sister Louise lives in Woolston near Warrington, explained how the business went from a dream into reality.

"We're both very passionate about food and how it's produced and where it comes from," she said.

"This is why we've gone down the organic route because it's obviously getting very well publicised now about the benefits of it.

"We've always both cooked and baked, for donkeys years, but we've never before had the bottle to take the next step and open up a place of our own."

The leap of faith proved to be a case of now or never, with Louise just finishing 20 years working in care, helping special needs children, while Lynn's one and only son is heading off to university in September.

"That just made me think that it was basically just now or never, so we just went for it," added Lynn.

"The whole ethos is organic, fresh, local food.

"We actually produce lists which we put on every table, which details all our suppliers.

"We try and use as many local businesses as we can, because we think that's very important."

The cafe has even gone plastic free, with glass bottles and cans being preferred, as well as other bio-degradable packaging being used from source to the table.

"We're trying to hit the environmental side of things as well," Lynn went on.

"We bake everything in house, as well as making our own hummus and pesto from scratch.

"We're also very people orientated and we've has some lovely people through the doors already."

It's not just people that are welcomed with open arms in the cafe, with it also being dog-friendly, as well as proving a popular pit stop for passing cyclists.

Northwich Guardian: The cafe specialises in vegetarian and organic, locally sourced food and produce

The cafe specialises in vegetarian and organic, locally sourced food and produce

Lynn, who is 57 while sister Louise is 52, added: "We've both very supportive husbands too, with one designing the kitchen for us, with another doing everything from fitting things and doing all kinds of fetching and carrying.

"So it's been a very family affair.

"It's obviously our first time running a business of our own, but so far it's going very well.

"You're never too old to try and have a go at business, especially if you're passionate about something enough.

"It's obviously more expensive to produce organic food, but our thinking was, we're just going to go for it and if people are like-minded they will recognise that."

With vegetarian favourites such as hummus, falafel and halloumi taking pride of place on the menu, as well crumbly Lancashire cheese and puy lentils, The Green Kitchen is likely to prove popular.

It is located at Bridge Barn, Bartington, CW8 4QU and although closed Monday and Tuesday, is open Wednesday through til Sunday 10am-4pm.