I PRONOUNCE you man and wife, by order of the Peaky Blinders.

After an episode of the British drama is filmed at the farm you helped build, what better idea than to have a Peaky Blinders themed wedding at Arley Hall.

That is what Alison Jackson, now Dutton, and Peter Dutton did.

After knowing each other previously, Pete swept Alison off her feet and six-and-a-half years later, they are married.

“The wedding was stunning and truly perfect,” Alison, from Antrobus, said.

"With everyone in their Peaky Blinders outfits, 13 red tractors and stunning horse and carriage going down the Arley straight. So many people came out to watch the wedding parade.

Northwich Guardian: Pete and Alison on their wedding dayPete and Alison on their wedding day

“The evening was hosted by the band Cheaky Blinders who were sensational.”

Alison and Pete have lots of things in common, including their love for tractors which guests arrived on.

“Pete loves his diggers and fast things. I love my horses and riding. We both have a passion for animals and vintage tractors – as you can see the wedding party came on the tractors,” she said.

“Pete and I love going on charity tractor runs and going out on our own and driving around the countryside. We also take the tractor for weekends away. We also go around lots of places, stop for a pub lunch and then come back home.

Northwich Guardian: The tractors lined up and ready to take everyone to Arley HallThe tractors lined up and ready to take everyone to Arley Hall

“We’ve both had a troubled past but now we both feel we’ve found our true soul mates, best friends and we are deeply in love.”

So how did Pete, 58, pop the question to 53-year-old Alison?

She said: “Pete took me away for my 50th. It was all a surprise. We drove off on our tractor and we ended up at Peckforton Castle. We had a lovely night and my daughter and her boyfriend met us the next day. My daughter told me I was about to jump out of a plane from 10,000 feet, it was an amazing thing to do.

“Pete came to pick me and he took me to Wellington Hall to get ready and we went for a meal where all my family and our friends surprised me.

“After the meal, Pete started to fumble at the side of me and put a copper kettle on his seat while he knelt on the floor. He told me to look inside but knowing what a prankster he is, I hesitated as I thought something might bite me.

Northwich Guardian: The inside of Arley Hall ready for their wedding mealThe inside of Arley Hall ready for their wedding meal

“He told me to take it out of the box and open it. There was a beautiful engagement ring. At this point, everyone was filming and Pete got nervous. He said ‘OK do you want to get together or what?’.

"Obviously, I said yes, he put the ring on my finger and he has since asked me properly.”

Alison felt rather composed on her big day.

She continued: “I can’t believe how calm I was. I didn’t have many nerves but I was so excited, I had my photographer, hairdresser, daughters who were the bridesmaids, grandsons and my stepdad with me.”

Northwich Guardian: Alison with her family outside Arley HallAlison with her family outside Arley Hall

Forty-two daytime guests and 150 in the evening were welcomed with a three-course meal of pea and asparagus soup, a roast chicken dinner and a lime zest cheesecake with ice cream and blackberries for dessert.

Following the wedding, Alison plans to go away in time when travel is a bit more normal.

“We plan to do an African safari in a couple of years for our honeymoon,” she added.

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