WHO doesn’t love a dance?

With all coronavirus restrictions lifting in England, the Quayside pub on Witton Street have welcomed back customers cautiously and with a beat to dance to as they celebrated what was being labelled as ‘Freedom Day’.

Drinkers threw their shapes and had a sing to international DJ Lee Morrison’s mix to enjoy themselves in a more relaxed capacity.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Dixie Deegan, who owns the pub with his partner Ingrid.

“We’ve been looking forward to welcoming people back in a safe manner following all the Covid rules that we can.

“It’s not every day a guy like Lee Morrison becomes available and when he did we jumped at it – and there was a good response to it.”

Despite all restrictions easing, and masks not legally having to be worn in and around pubs anymore, a lot of Northwich pubs – including the Quayside – are keeping some in place.

Dixie, who has owned the pub for two years, continued: “When Boris Johnson lifted restrictions, as he did on Monday, it seems to be all feet on the dance floor.

“All the sanitisation stations are still in place and we’ve even asked our staff to continue wearing face masks for their own safety and for the public’s safety."

Dixie is more than excited to welcome customers to further similar events.

“That’s only the start of it,” he added.