A NEW space to encourage the flow of discussions about climate change is set to open for the first time this weekend.

Transition Northwich are inviting the town's residents to its very first 'Climate Cafe' on Saturday, promising a welcoming space where people can come together to share ideas about climate and ecological issues.

The concept of 'Climate Cafe's' has seen them popping up in communities around the world and they offer the chance for the sharing of thoughts and opinions, no matter what your prior knowledge on the subject.

Alison Allum, Co-ordinator at the charity said: "Indeed, if you have no knowledge we would really like to see you.

"Sometimes, the most helpful thing is when someone asks a question, and that gets people thinking.

"These cafe sessions are designed to speak to members of our local community who may be new to climate awareness, curious and perhaps have questions.

"It's also a space to share what people are already doing to reduce their impact on our planet, and useful if you are keen to learn how to make changes towards a life-style that will enable all life to flourish within the limits that our planet can provide."

Northwich Guardian:

Transition Northwich wants to open up the discussion on climate change to the whole community

Transition Northwich co-founder Paul Mathias has also explained why talking about climate change now is so urgent.

He said: "The impact of extreme weather on people’s lives is now tangible.

"It has been for many years, but now we see it in the wealthier parts of the world.

"The part we play in our changing climate is causing severe damage to our natural world.

"In our own area, we have high carbon emitting industries, poor air quality, visible waste of resources and litter and natural spaces being lost to development.

"The urgency, as the governments of the world prepare to gather in Glasgow to supposedly implement the policies we require, is to decide which future we choose: the present way leading very quickly to a dead-end street with no options to turn around, or a positive one with clean energy, air, water and jobs in which the whole of life on Earth can thrive, a world with social and climate justice, equity and equality, a resilient local economy in which we all pull together.

"No longer is it a question of 'we did what we could' but of 'we did what was necessary'.

"We are blessed to have the opportunity to make that difference."

The first Climate Cafe pop up will take place at 2.30pm on Saturday, July 24 at Bruschetta on Witton Street.

It's hoped, with support from the community, that this will become a regular event, co-ordinated by members of Transition Northwich, exploring different themes as the weeks go by, with some specialist guest speakers at future sessions.