UNFORTUNATELY, all good things come to an end.

That includes the weather and the July heatwave is well upon us with residents soaking up the sun across the beauty spots in the area.

And with the weather has come the UK's first ever amber warning for extreme heat, issued by the Met Office.

Temperatures across the very high 20s have put swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts on top of the world, but how long will it last for according to the Met Office?

Well, across Cheshire, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are still due to be in the high 20s and very hot, on Friday, the temperature moves to the mid-20s.

Saturday is due to cool off a bit with some potential rain in the back end of the week.

For some different regions in Cheshire, this is the weather forecast:


Highs of 28°C heat is expected today and Wednesday. On Thursday it is set to be sunny, but that has a 30 per cent chance of turning to rain at 4pm. Friday can welcome back the sun across the whole day with highs of 24°C

On Saturday it changes slightly, with cloudy weather that changes to sunny intervals by lunchtime. There is also a 40 per cent chance of rain at 4pm. Sunday is similar with cloudy weather that changes to sunny intervals by late morning. At 1pm there is a 40 per cent chance of rain, with 60 per cent chances of rain at 4pm and 7pm.


It is set to be even hotter in Northwich (just slightly), with 29°C temperatures today and on Wednesday. On Thursday highs of 28°C are expected, with it still being 26°C at 7pm – good luck sleeping and on Friday similar scenes with highs of 25°C and 24°C heat at 7pm.

The weather cools on the weekend with cloudiness which is changing to sunny intervals by late morning with highs of 21°C. Sunday has the same structure wit highs of 22°C, with 40 and 60 per cent chances of rain at 4pm and 7pm.

Winsford and Middlewich

Highs of 28°C today and tomorrow, with 27°C expected on Thursday make for another very hot few days in Winsford and Middlewich. Friday is set to be another scorcher at 25°C.

The weekend sees less sun and slightly more chance of rain that the other regions. On Saturday it is set to be cloudy, with a 30 per cent chance of that turning to light showers at 10am, 4pm and 7pm, with a 40 per cent at 10pm.

And on Sunday, the plants will be more than thankful. A 30 per cent chance of rain at 7am, 20 per cent at 10am, 40 per cent at 1pm, 60 per cent at 4pm and 40 per cent at 7pm – in other words, make the most of the sun while you can.

“Fine, dry, and very warm conditions set to continue,” a Met Office spokesperson said of the north west weather this week.