BROTHERS are planning a precious memorable day after receiving shock news that their mum has terminal cancer.

Alex Drumm and brother Jonathan were devastated when doctors told their mum Linda she may only have months to live.

The 80-year-old from Knutsford has been diagnosed with advanced progressive oesophagus and lung cancer.

Alex, 35, has brought his wedding forward to September and launched a £5,000 crowdfunding appeal so Graham, 37, can fly home from Perth in Australia, where he lives with wife Kerry-Ann, for a special family get together.

"The aim of raising the money would be so we are able to make one last special day for my mother," said dad-of-two Alex, from Moulton, who is also planning a sponsored sports day and 24-hour walk to boost the fund.

"We want to make what time my mum has left as special as possible so my daughters, her grandchildren, will always remember granny and that we can have one more magical day together.

Linda and granddaughter Dilys

Linda and youngest granddaughter Dilys

"We don't need any money for the wedding, that is already paid for."

So far, just over £1,000 has been donated by wellwishers.

Courageous Linda has already conquered bowel and breast cancer and recovered from two strokes.

Since her 20s, she has coped with the degenerative illness muscular dystrophy but never let her disability be a handicap.

The determined mum inspired generations of children as a scout leader and is a long serving Red Cross volunteer.

She also gave up her time to help people who needed to hire disability equipment in Northwich.

Sadly, she lost her husband John from a heart attack when her sons were aged only five and six.

"Mum has done exceptionally well and brought us up on her own," said Alex. "Dad died when were young and her disability has been getting worse as we got older.

"She was on crutches for a while and is now in a wheelchair but she has always ensured her we had the best."

Linda worked as a secretary and has always been devoted to her family who held a party to celebrate her 80th birthday.

"She is very determined," said Alex. "She has had cancer twice and beaten it both times.

"Over the years her disability has got worse but she has always done what she can to help me and my family and anyone else that she could. A lot of people in Knutsford will know her.

"When Covid hit, like most people who are classed as vulnerable, she had to isolate and missed a lot of time not seeing her grandchildren grow up.

"During lockdown she suffered a heart attack, two strokes and also had Covid. She has kept fighting and has been through rehab to get fit.

"She is still fighting and said she is not going to let this cancer beat her.

"We want her to have something to look forward to.

"The response we have received from people has been fantastic. One of my friends gave me £100. I said it was too much but he knows my mum and wanted to help us."

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