KEEN for a tattoo?

It might that you’ve wanted one for a while, lost a bet or you’re joining forces with a friend to ink the memory forever.

Whatever the reason, we wanted to lend you a helping hand by rounding up the best shops to get a tattoo in Cheshire, based on their Google standings.

The Cheshire Tattoo Studio

The Wilmslow shop has 60 reviews amounting to a 4.8 rating on Google.

One customer said: “Best place in Wilmslow for your tattoos without a doubt.”

“Today was my best day! I'm definitely a 'late starter' when it comes to tattoos and have experienced a number of artists and studios...I can honestly say that Leigh and Lee were brilliant,” Nicola Stout added.

Salvation Tattoo Studio

Knutsford’s Studio has been in business for over five years and has racked up 43 reviews, coming in at 4.6 stars.

“Excellent service. Thanks to Stephen the manager for his honest and helpful advice. Got a great piece from excellent artist Victor. Highly recommend the place if you want the best and easiest tattoo experience,” Jonny Allins said.

Another review read: “Fabulous place and the staff are fab as well.”

Maneki Neko

Northwich’s turn for a shout out as they rank third on Google’s listing with the Witton Street shop amounting to 54 reviews – all five stars!

One customer said: “Great people, great service.”

And a review from Simon Daniels shouted out Lisa and Steph, adding: “They create a great atmosphere which is very relaxing. The desk is run by top gent Stu who you can have a mint chat with while you're waiting. Prices are well worth every penny.”

The Tattoo Company

The Hawthorne Lane shop, neighbour to the Cheshire Tattoo Studio in Wilmslow has a 4.9 rating from 30 reviews.

Barbara Rebolo was full of praise for them as she said: “Best studio in the north of England without a doubt, with all the best people. If you care about tattoos, this is where you’ll have them done.

Rob really looked after me and worked with me to get it done. Top staff and really nice shop, not to mention the quality of the work. Will definitely be back again,” Jacob-Jon Gordon added.

Cruise Tattoo

With over 10 years in business, the Winsford shop can boast 33 leading to a 4.7 rating.

Dave Hunt said: “Tried all the local artists, and Beki at Cruise Tattoo is by far the best. Highly competitive prices and a great atmosphere. I've had several pieces of artwork done and all have exceeded my expectations.

Another happy customer, Shaun, added: “Great customer service, brilliant artwork, a great sense of humour and at a great price what else do you want? The owner ‘Beckie’ is so polite and will give her utmost support and advice regarding the artwork. I could recommend her more. Great artwork.”