The Government wants a more consistent approach to the way waste is collected and recycled across England and has published consultations on new waste management and funding changes for 2023 as part of the Environment Bill.

Among the proposals are a requirement for food waste to be collected separately and weekly from all properties by 2023.

Items currently collected in the Cheshire East silver bin, such as glass, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and cans, could all have to be placed in separate containers.

Paul Bayley, director of environment and neighbourhood services at Cheshire East Council, told Wednesday’s meeting of the environment and communities committee: “At the heart of this is the desire to encourage everyone to reduce, re-use and recycle, which is consistent with our own waste strategy.”

I’ve said this more than once and I shall say it again they are starting with the wrong end of the chain. No matter what council’s do or do not do with their waste collection policies it will have minimum effect on the amount of waste householders have to deal with.

This needs to be tackled at source. You cannot reduce the water running through a hosepipe by fiddling with the nozzle. It has to be done at the tap but dealing with the enormous corporations that create the problem is not easy. They don’t just roll over because the Government says they must.

Anyone who has ever visited one of those massive warehouses situated strategically around the UK will know that companies spend billions on automated distribution. They won’t abandon them just because local council’s change their recycling policy.

These companies are not stupid they dictate the size, weight and material used to package goods to suit their extremely complex robotic pick and pack facilities.

If there are going to be changes this is where they need to take place not with residents. 

The Government needs to bite the bullet and face reality. Serious dialogue with the big retailer, wholesalers and importers is where their attention should be focused. 

This is not just a UK issue it’s a global problem. Many of the items in our home are made and packaged in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and so on. This is where discussions need to start if they are to have any meaning. 

Having families forever juggling bins and bags is simply moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. As for the notion that closing recycling centres will reduce the amount of waste we have would be hilarious were it not for the fact that Cheshire East Council actually believe it.

Mmm…come to think of it they also think turning off the street lights in winter makes the roads safer.

I rest my case.