A MUM is in a race against time to raise £47,000 for vital spinal surgery to fix her daughter’s curved spine.

Olivia Buckley, 13, has severe scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.

The young Northwich Victoria supporter had been complaining of abdominal pains and leg ache, but this was presumed to be growing pains.

A month ago Olivia fell down the stairs and after complaining of pain in her back, she attended A&E.

Olivia and her mum were shocked to be told that although she had not hurt herself, she did have scoliosis.

Mum Angela said: “On Tuesday, June 1, Olivia saw the head of scoliosis from Alder Hey.

“She had more x-rays taken which revealed a hidden huge curve in her chest.

“The consultant advised us that a curve less than 25 degrees is mild, 25-40 is moderate, 40 plus is severe and 85-90 plus is life threatening.

“Olivia’s curves are 59 in her chest and 41 in her lumber.

“I will never forget that moment when I walked in and saw the x-ray.

Northwich Guardian:

“Never did anyone know those curves were in there.”

Angela was advised that the only option in the UK for her daughter was to have the whole spine fused which will restrict her flexibility.

But as Olivia loves to sing and dance, Angela knew this was not an option.

“I thought, I can’t to this to her, so we came home and I researched further and further,” she said.

Angela added that due to her daughter’s sensory processing issues, that option would be a big struggle.

Angela found an operation called vertebral body tethering, which is not available on the NHS but maintains flexibility.

Olivia is a candidate for the treatment, but as her condition is getting worse as she grows, the operation needs to be carried out soon.

Angela and Olivia, who live in Crewe but are Northwich Victoria supporters, have set up a JustGiving page in the hope of raising funds as quickly as possible.

And the club is behind them all the way.

“We have been overwhelmed with their support,” Angela said.

“They have been so supportive, it’s unbelievable.”

Olivia even got a special message from one of her favourite players.

Olivia's surgery will be carried out on August 23 - the family still need to raise £34,000.

Visit facebook.com/groups/995496587923614 for updates and justgiving.com/crowdfunding/livcurvedwingswillfly to donate.