IT is not every day two boxers from your club agree deals to turn professional.

For Boxing Fit Academy – based on Works Lane – they have every reason to shout it from the rooftops that their gym has produced two boxers that will sign contracts with big-name labels.

Luke Caffrey, 25, and Jess Wrighton, 21, have both agreed their first professional deals much to the delight of Frank Collins, owner of the club.

“Luke has got in with MTK Global which is the biggest boxing promoter in the world. They manage the likes of Tyson Fury, Billy Joe-Saunders, and Jess has got in with VIP Promotions who manage a lot of world champions,” he said.

“For them to get in with those type of boxing promoters it’s massive really. They’re made up.

Northwich Guardian: Luke Caffrey has secured a deal with MTK GlobalLuke Caffrey has secured a deal with MTK Global

“I’m proud of them and their families are proud of them.

“It’s hard for us coming from a small town like Northwich because you don’t ever get anyone signing for big promotional teams like that from the amateur, grassroots clubs."

Just how much hard work has gone into their development?

“Oh, loads,” he said.

“It’s not just recent work, the likes of Luke and Jess have been training for years. Jess has been training since she was 13, she’s been boxing around the country having amateur bouts.

“Luke has been boxing from a young age, he’s had 52 amateur bouts and six losses. It’s just a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone really.

“Because amateur bouts only go for three rounds, every single bout is a genuine 50-50 so his record is outstanding.

Northwich Guardian: Jess Wrighton signed her first professional deal with VIP PromotionsJess Wrighton signed her first professional deal with VIP Promotions

“Jess has had about 14 or 15 fights and she has got a decent record as well. It’s very hard for her to get bouts because there are not many girls to bout. They’ve both done really well.”

Collins is hopeful that this can inspire the next generation of boxers in Northwich.

“It’s been an ambition of both of theirs to turn professional," he said.

“When they turn professional, they usually go to cities and work with the other established coaches there so for us just to build them up from nothing to get them to where they are now, it’s really good and it’s really good for the club as well.

“Hopefully it’ll encourage other kids to follow the same path.”