ALL creatures great and small have found new loving homes thanks to a team of big-hearted volunteers.

Everything from cats, dogs and rabbits to guinea pigs, parrots and tortoises have been saved.

Tails Animal Rescue


Tails Animal Rescue, a not-for-profit charity based in Northwich, has helped lost, injured, abandoned and neglected pets for almost 20 years.

John Ashworth, 69, works tirelessly to take in any creature in distress from all over Cheshire and arranges for any animals needing treatment to be seen by a vet.

Tails Animal Rescue


He teamed up with colleague Pat Emmerson, who has been rescuing animals for 46 years, to run the charity from his home in Rudheath.

"It's a 365 day challenge," said John who retired after working at Roberts Bakery for 18 years. "We don't sit down or have holidays.

Tails Animal Rescue

Retired John Ashworth devotes his life to rescuing animals

"It's the faces you see from people that make you happy. We rehomed a couple of hamsters and to see the smiles on the children, it's that satisfaction that keeps us going."

The team has rescued 520 animals in the past 18 months, a quieter period than normal due to the pandemic.

Volunteers foster pets in their own homes until new owners can be found.

The charity makes painstaking efforts to ensure that people who adopt the animals know what they are taking on and can keep their new arrivals safe.

Tails Animal Rescue


"We have taken that much time and trouble to rescue these animals we are quite strict about where anything goes," said John.

"We do road checks to make sure there is no fast traffic nearby or railway tracks, canals and rivers which could pose a threat.

"We check families to see if young children are used to animals."

Three cats and two dogs were rescued from a house in Winsford and many feral kittens have been saved.

A jackdaw found in a chimney was reunited with its family.

A home is now being sought for Koko, a 10-month-old pedigree German Shepherd, a couple can no longer care for due to their health.

Tails Animal Rescue

Koko, a pedigree German Shepherd looking for a new home

"He's a very lively playful boy, full of life and with a lot of love to give," said John.

Tails Animal Rescue

John Ashworth, second from right, and volunteers grateful for a donation from Pets at Home in Northwich and the Adoption for Pets Society

Car boot sales, dog shows and bingos which usually raise vital funds have been hit by the pandemic.

"We rely on donations and the generosity of local people," said John. "We are very grateful to Pets at Home and the Adoption Society for all their support. We take animals from anywhere."

To donate or offer a home for a pet visit tailsanimalrescue