A SERIAL shoplifter has been banned from several stores in Knutsford after being handed a Criminal Behaviour Order.

Sam Taggart from Chapel Street in Northwich, appeared on Stockport Magistrates Court on June 4 following a number of shoplifting and public order incidents in Knutsford between December 2018 to April 2021.

As part of the order, the 36-year-old was banned from every Co-Op, Sainsbury's or Booths stores in the town.

As well as preventing Taggart from entering any Co-Op, Sainsbury's or Booths stores in Knutsford the two year Criminal Behaviour Order also sees his banned him from entering King Street or Princess Street in Knutsford.

Taggart was also ordered not to wear any headgear or head covering apart from a Covid-19 face mask when entering a supermarket or convenience store.

PC Neil Cooke said: "Taggart was having a significant impact in Knutsford since March 2020.

"His repeated shoplifting and anti-social behaviour was affecting business and residents alike and his behaviour was making life a misery for those who were subject to his illegal activities.

"The local beat team listened to local businesses and residents, and began collating evidence which would bring the CBO application before the court to help curb his behaviour."

"This result is an important step in getting Taggart to change his behaviour and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour on our streets.

"If Taggart breaches his order he will be back before the courts and could face time behind bars.

"If you see him breaching his order, please contact police on 101."