A SKATEPARK campaign has released a GoFundMe page that needs £100,000 of funding to replace the old site with a new park ‘that Northwich deserves'.

An initial campaign was started in 2017 to raise awareness of a new skatepark to replace the current Vickersway Park setting, but following support from town clerks who are '100 per cent behind them' and willing help to contribute, they are on a quest to raise the sum.

“£100,000 is absolutely possible. There are so many parks up and down the country, in towns and villages smaller than Northwich, who have been able to get the money for their parks,” said Ross Milne, part of the team behind the fundraising.

“It may take a bit of time, but we are going nowhere until Northwich has a decent park.

“With their help and our fundraising, we will be able to get the kind of park Northwich deserves.”

And why does the group feel it needs to be changed?

Ross – who was born in Northwich and after time away, has lived here again for over a decade – added: “Over the past 10 years, the current skatepark has been in continuous heavy use. It is now coming to the end of its life and time to be replaced with something more modern, to cater for today's style of wheeled action sports.

“While it is coming to its end, the positive we can take from this is that a new park will also prove extremely popular with the youth of Northwich and surrounding.”

To support the campaign and give the youth more appealing sporting options, they are in the process of setting up a group including Chris Mundie from the Salty Dog, Lewis Abbot, behind the successful skatepark campaign in Marple, Stockport and inline skater Aaron Ross.

Northwich Guardian: The group are trying to raise money to replace the current Vickers Way siteThe group are trying to raise money to replace the current Vickers Way site

Ross – a skateboarder since 1985 – continued: “It would be absolutely fantastic for the youth of Northwich, their parents and the general public, knowing they are at a safe place, where they can socialise with their friends without fear of being moved on for doing nothing wrong other than simply being youngsters.

“There really isn't much for the youth to do in Northwich, so having somewhere they can call their own can only be a good thing.

“From visiting skateparks in other towns and cities, these parks are all self-policed by the users and create a great place for youths of all backgrounds to meet up and make friends.

“Financially it would also bring money into the town, with users parents visiting the shops while they drop their kids off.

“It really is a win-win for Northwich as a whole – the town council and the people who would be using it.”

The GoFundMe page – which has raised £171 as of yet – can be reached here and further details can be found on their website here.