CREATIVE young people with Down's syndrome have designed imaginative branding to launch a charity’s new image.

Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group has now become Down Syndrome Cheshire.

The team chose colourful stepping stones as a new logo to show how the charity has inspired them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Mums founded the charity in 2007 and now support 200 families.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Josh Duff, right, with brother Cameron

Julie Duff, from Hartford, said the group has filled her 14-year-old son Josh’s life with fun and friendship.

“He has a really lovely network of friends and has a real laugh,” said Julie, the group’s chairman.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Josh Duff 'just radiates joy'

“He just radiates joy. He has a magnetic personality that draws people in.

“Josh trains with Man City and would love a career in sport.”

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Josh with Man City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo

Firms encouraged by the charity to offer job opportunities have been very impressed by the young people.

“Employers tell us how consistently hard they work,” said Julie. “They have so much to offer, they are a real asset.”

A football team run by Julie’s husband, Andy, has enabled youngsters to achieve new goals.

Everyone can join in.

Karen Howard said the charity's holistic approach had helped her 13-year-old son William’s confidence to grow.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

William Howard has grown in confidence

Karen said: “This group is so enthusiastic, so supportive and so tuned into all the individuals, it is just absolutely amazing.

Northwich Guardian:

William Howard 'just loves life'

“Everyone is accepted, it helps them to develop their social skills.

“They have got so much energy to support everyone.

“William just loves life.”

Sue Tranter, from Northwich, whose son Joe, 21, helped design the logo, said: “He really enjoyed it. The group has given him stepping stones in life, it was a brilliant idea for a logo.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Joe Tranter is very sporty and loves football

“Joe has an outgoing personality. He is very sporty and loves football.”

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Joe Tranter, Sean Browne and Jodie Fitzpatrick who designed the new logo wearing the Downn Syndrome Cheshire T-shirts

Sarah Larkin’s 18-year-old son Aidan is studying horticulture and conservation and loves drama.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Aidan Larkin is studying horticulture and conservation at college

The charity has developed over the years and now offers a range of activities,speech and language support, training, information and advice.

"They organise social nights so teenagers can meet their friends and parents can socialise,” said Sarah, one of the original founders.

“Aidan loves athletics and gets such a positive response from everyone when he is competing.

Down Syndrome Cheshire

Aidan Larkin competing in the Chester 10k

"People are much more accepting and understanding. The key message is that they are capable of doing a job."

The charity aims to unlock the potential of people with Down's Syndrome by changing perceptions and creating opportunities.

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