EACH week readers send letters into the Guardian on all manner of topics they want to have a say on.

Here reader Lee Jones from Cuddington responded to a letter about the impact Harry and Meghan's stories are having on monarchy.

Lee said: "In response to Christine Peters, why do we need a monarchy?

"They are an arcane and thoroughly pointless construct, a cost burden on the public, and a constant reminder of our imperial past and all of the wrongs therein. 

"The latter point touches on issues also reflected in M Cooper’s comment on Eurovision (‘Time for Brexit from Eurovision’, Opinion, May 27) and the wider perception of the UK of which we are reminded annually through our lamentable performance.

"The country is almost bankrupt to the extent that the Government have reneged on their promise to give NHS staff a decent pay rise, and have frozen pay for the rest of the public sector.

"And yet there is apparently justification to spend £200 million on a new royal yacht despite the fact that our Queen is apparently too old and frail to make long overseas trips any more.

"UK borrowing is at unprecedented levels, and yet we waste money on a new royal yacht, and another million on repainting Boris’ plane in red, white and blue.

"So Christine, why do we need a monarchy with all the associated costs?
They are an out-dated and pointless soap opera.

"I say get rid of them and transfer the value of their assets (which they have not earned) to the public for the wider public good.

"Coming back to Eurovision, I understand that comedian Bill Bailey has offered to represent the UK for the 2022 contest to be held in Italy.

"I think that we should all get behind that, and possibly even consider nominating Bill as the first leader of the new UK Republic, should he be successful in Europe next year."

On May 27, Christine wrote: "I am getting so fed up with the continuous negative stories being dished out by Harry and Meghan over their personal mental health due to their upbringing while within their so privileged lifestyle.

"Billions of lesser people around the globe have suffered much the same and more than likely far worse, yet they will never get a voice let alone a vast payout for expressing such. 

"I get the feeling that this whole charade, begun by Diana and now heavily fuelled by Meghan and Harry, is nothing short of bringing down our monarchy.

"And who knows, maybe rightly so."

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