VETERAN angler Keith Wernham would not have expected the day he had when he set up to fish.

The 69-year-old showed his skills in how to play a carp on 4lbs mainline, a 2lbs hook-length, and size 18’s hook.

Having set up on light tackle for much smaller fish, he was enjoying his session using a waggler in six feet of water, feeding caster with red maggot on the hook and catching roach.

Then his float shot under and he struck into what was obviously not a roach.

A passing member of Warrington Anglers' Association, that owns waters across Cheshire and further afield, who had stopped to watch the drama unfold dug his carp landing net out of his car.

After about an hour and a half of playing the fish at Appleton Reservoir, the 2lbs hook-length finally gave up the ghost and snapped just as a 20lb quality carp slid safely into the net.

And then the stunning fish was returned safely to the water.