A WEAVERHAM resident has said the fun fair currently taking place in the village should never have been allowed to happen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter Wakefield, who has lived in the village for decades, said he doesn't know why the parish council gave the Cubbin's fun fair the go-ahead, especially as the May Day festival in Knutsford had been cancelled this year.

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Mr Wakefield said several parish councillors had approached him privately to say they did not agree with the decision to let the event go ahead on the lane at Lakehouse Field.

"I couldn't believe it has been allowed to happen in this pandemic," he said.

"I approached the parish council and they said fairs are permitted by the government, providing they carry out a covid risk assessment.

"The clerk also told me it had the full backing of the parish council.

"I've actually spoken to five parish council who were opposed to it."

Mr Wakefield said he went back to the parish council with this information but was subsequently told no vote was taken as none of the councillors had actually objected to the application.

He added: "How can they have full approval when five have objected to it?

"When I asked them who was responsible for policing the regulations, including social distancing they said it was down to the people who are running the fair to do it themselves.

"Isn't that like asking the fox to run the chicken coop?

"I really hope there's not a spike in covid cases when it's all over.

"If there is then I will be holding the parish council responsible.

"I know there's a lot of people around the village who are up in arms about this."

However, after putting the Mr Wakefield's concerns to Weaverham Parish Council, the acting Clerk and Vice-Chairman Peter Wilkinson told the Guardian how the decision had been taken at its April meeting.

"I can assure you, the claims being made are not accurate," he said.

"The land belongs to the parish council, and we gave permission for the fair to take place having had the request.

"Having received that request, the first thing we did was check the government guidelines and they specifically stated that fun fairs could take place from April 12.

"The fair ground organisers then supplied us with a copy of its covid risk assessment.

"Given the current pandemic situation I ran it passed the councillors at our April meeting.

"Ten out of the twelve parish councillors attended the meeting and none of them raised any objections.

"Nor did they ask any questions after I had explained the situation.

"It is not true to say several parish councillors opposed the idea, if they did they weren't expressed at that meeting."

Representatives of Cheshire West and Chester Council have also visited the site and confirmed they are satisfied with what they have seen by event organisers.

The Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport, Councillor Karen Shore said: “This is a local event on Weaverham Parish Council land that was approved by the Parish Council.

"Our Regulatory Services team was made aware of the event by a Ward Member. Officers then obtained a copy of the risk assessment from the event organisers and were satisfied it complies with all currently required Covid Regulations and Government guidance.

"Officers attended the fair before it opened on Thursday, and checked that all Covid safe measures were in place.

"They also observed the fair in operation and were satisfied that it was running safely.

“We have also been informed that the maximum capacity was around 470 attendees at the weekend, which is below the maximum calculated capacity of 1,000 people.”

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: "Public outdoor attractions such as fun fairs have been allowed to open since April 12.

"The local authority will be in charge of ensuring that it is covid compliant.

"Patrols have attended the fun fair following a report of potential anti-social behaviour but have found all to be in order."

The Weaverham fun fair is running until Sunday, May 16.