IT might not be the job for everyone, but it could be just the thing for some cheeky and confident individuals.

UK-based butler company, Butlers with Bums, and Adonis Cabaret are on the lookout for 'buff' guys to help keep hen party celebrators across the country from disappointment.

The specification reads: "Both Adonis Cabaret and Butlers with Bums, who specialise in serving up naked butlers, have a launched a recruitment drive to get more boys on board.

"Yes, post-lockdown the time has come to put wide smiles on the faces of those wanting to party, and buff butlers can do just that.

"So, do you fit the bill? Butlers with Bums and Adonis are looking for buff guys ranging from 23-38 years old to get mingling with hen do guests galore.

"You’ll join in with the party antics, serve up canapes and drinks and likely pose for photos with a cheeky grin on show!

"The butlers will be required to wear Butlers with Bums’ signature black and pink attire including an apron where you’ll be showing your bum at the back, a collar, cuffs and a bow tie."

Director of ‘Butlers with Bums’ and former butler himself Dan Harley confirmed: "We have a lot of demand for our buff butlers across the UK right now for hen dos, birthday parties and corporate events, but the shortage of guys throughout the UK is becoming a big problem for us."

Models for life drawing classes are also being recruited, as men are less likely than women to volunteer for the role.