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Here reader M Cooper shares discusses local councillors and the Artisan Market in Northwich.

They said: "While I would not support Mr Hewitson’s description of local councillors as ‘numpties’ (‘More help to revitalise town’, Opinion, April 22) as I am sure that they take up the role with best of intentions, I would agree that most councillors do not have the necessary experience or business knowledge to make the decisions they are required to make managing multi-million pound budget decisions.

"This is easily demonstrated by the Baron Courts fiasco where local councillors thought that they knew better than their commercial partners who walked away from the project.

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"While they may have been successful as shop owners, window cleaners, union officials, middle managers and so on, they have no experience at managing budgets of this size. 

"However, it is easy for them to hide their mistakes by simply raising local taxes and blaming central Government.

"They appear to feel that they have no responsibility for the current state of Northwich town centre. 

"We have a flattened open market, a deserted high street and an under occupied Baron Court.

"When one visits Northwich all that’s missing is the tumbleweed blowing through the centre.

"Now having come up with the positive idea of an Artisan Market, they then as I understand it, have done the best to torpedo it, by placing it in the town’s outskirts.

"There is no immediate parking and it is a long walk from council parking. 
I am sure Waitrose will be happy that all Artisan customers park on their car park.

"Why with all the empty buildings in the centre can’t the council locate the market more centrally?"