I’VE been pondering the sad demise of the Bratts department store in Northwich which was confirmed earlier this month.

The old department store failed to reopen after lockdown but its store in Nantwich will still keep on trading.

I have fond memories of the old place and I’m still using some kitchen equipment I bought there 15 or so years ago.

I always felt Bratts was a little anachronistic, but in a good way. 
It was a throwback to a gentler time.

Yes, it wasn’t the cheapest place to shop but I felt it was probably worth spending my money there for the high level of customer service, if nothing else.

And eating in the restaurant was always a delight.

But to be honest, its days were probably numbered before the double hammer blows of the coronavirus pandemic and being flooded out a couple of times.

The change in shopping habits has already swallowed bigger fish than Bratts and I would suggest the sad events of the past 18 months has probably just hastened the inevitable.

Even so, it is a hammer blow for the town and my thoughts are with those loyal members of staff who have lost their jobs as a result of this.

I can only hope the loss of Bratts acts as a catalyst to finally sort out the town’s drains which were blamed for failing to cope with the winter rain and hence the repeated flooding.

It’s not like the authorities aren’t aware that the drainage system is problematic – unable to cope with heavy rain in the winter and stinking like a public toilet in the summer.

Something needs to be done – and done quickly.