NEW research helps to explain why only 46 per cent of drivers pass their tests in Britain.

Figures released by the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency reveal 58,415 dangerous and serious faults were clocked up by learner drivers in the north west during 2019/20.

In a new study by car sales company Lookers, the top five reasons why candidates failed at the Northwich test centre have been revealed. This is where many drivers from this area take their test.

Here are the top five reasons why drivers fail:

1. Not making effective observations at junctions.

2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing lanes or direction.

3. Not showing control of the steering wheel.

4. Not controlling the vehicle safely when moving off.

5. Incorrect observations or positioning when turning right at junctions.

A total of 575 faults were recorded by learner drivers taking their test in Northwich.

A spokesman for Lookers said: "Passing your driving test is a rite of passage for many of us. I think we can all relate to having manoeuvres we hoped wouldn't come up in our test.

"The research is a good insight into what learner drivers struggle most with under pressure.

"Hopefully, those looking to take their test this year will be able to brush up on those manoeuvres causing the most issues."

There is a long waiting list for driving tests due to the pandemic.

Mark Winn, chief driving examiner of the DVSA, said: "It is vital that learners can drive safely and have the skills to drive on all types of road before taking their test.

"The driving test helps get drivers ready for a lifetime of safe driving and makes our roads safer for all."