NORTHWICH manufacturers are being offered a free guide to help them take their first steps in reducing their carbon emissions and becoming more sustainable. 

The downloadable document from Made Smarter, the north west technology adoption programme, aims to show small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) how technology can save both pounds and the planet.

Donna Edwards, north west adoption programme director at Made Smarter, said: “Climate change can no longer be ignored.

“The manufacturing industry, together with the transport and storage industries, produces 15 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gases.

“Manufacturers are facing pressure to become more sustainable from their own employees, customers, the government, investors, and wider communities. 

“Technology has played an incredibly important part in enabling businesses to navigate the pandemic and recover.

“There is no doubt that digital tools are also key to addressing the challenge of decarbonisation and help the UK achieve its net-zero aim.

“Digitalisation offers a huge opportunity for manufacturers to deliver operational efficiencies, decarbonise heat and power, optimise design and materials, and improve logistics and transport, benefitting their business, their bottom line and the environment.

“It is encouraging that so many Made Smarter supported manufacturers have started this journey and found the sustainability sweet spot between these economic, social, and environmental goals.”

To download the free guide and to find out more information about Made Smarter, visit