The beauty industry is a fast moving business, technology is being developed all of the time in order to be the lead in reducing wrinkles or firming our skin.

As a skin specialist, I am always trying to keep up to date with the new technology and research new treatments to decide which treatments are good and which are a gimmick.

Recently we have heard a lot about the HIFU facials, which have been reported to gain great results for anti-ageing.

These facials do come at a price, so I decided to see for myself if they are worthy of the hype and the money.

I decided to try the Lynton’s version the Focus Dual, which promotes maximum results for non-surgical tightening, I already have a Lynton IPL machine at the salon, and I am always impressed with Lynton as a company.

The treatment offers a variety of options, including the non-surgical facelift, non-surgical skin tightening, eyebrow lift, wrinkle reduction, treatment of scars, double chin reduction, jaw sculpting reduction of eyebags and much more.

Well, I wanted it all!

The therapist and I discussed a treatment plan for the session, and we decided the jaw and chin would be a good start and the forehead.

The treatment uses radiofrequency microneedling and high intensity ultrasound (HIFU).

Although I felt a little nervous, I was reassured that this particular machine delivers safe treatments with reduced discomfort and down time in comparison to other devices on the market.

The treatment was bearable, I was warned that the HIFU may affect my teeth, but the feeling would settle down, which it did.

There was a little redness following the treatment, but it settled down quickly.

The needling element did feel a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable and the vacuum used with the treatment makes the treatment more comfortable.

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Following the treatment, I was advised to wear an SPF every day.

The next day, there were a few little pin prick marks on my forehead, other than that my skin looked calm, and it did feel firmer, I was impressed around the jaw, that my skin did look plumper.

I was told that the results as would be gradual, and day by day my skin has improved.

I already have radiofrequency and needling at the salon, but not the ultrasound and I think it is really effective.

I have decided to have another treatment in six weeks and have been told that three treatments will make a big difference.

I will keep you updated and review the treatment over the coming weeks. I also hope to review this treatment on the body before I make up my mind to take it on at the Cheshire Beauty Barn.

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In my opinion the best anti-ageing care that you can do for your skin is to protect your skin from the sun, with sunscreen.

I always try to keep my face out of the sun and neck, and now the summer is approaching, and I love to walk I will soon wear a cap to protect my face from UV rays along with a factor fifty sun cream.

I hope to be discussing some great sun creams in the near future to get your skin summer ready.

A good indicator of a person’s age is to look at the skin on the backs of their hands, necks and décolleté, so use sunscreen on these areas, and use a good moisturiser.

Remember some hand sanitisers are making the skin very dry so use a good hand cream and moisturise regularly.

There are some great products anti-ageing products and treatments on the market, but if you then allow an excess of UV exposure, you will be depleting the skin of collagen and will increase the possibility of age spots.

A leathery skin is never a good look and you don’t want to increase the chance of skin cancer.