A GREAT-grandad will be taking his final trip through Cuddington today, Tuesday, as he travels to his funeral by tractor and trailer.

Nev Smallwood, who lived in the village near Northwich, died on April 3 aged 82 and started his journey to Vale Royal Crematorium at 12pm this afternoon.

Nev's wife Heather described him as a 'good mate' to all, who was always full of fun and ready for a joke.

She said: "I thought that going to a funeral by tractor and trailer is a little different and as Nev was such a local character people may be interested to see what is going on.

"I have received 76 cards, which in itself shows that he was quite a personality, having lived within a six miles radius all his life.

Nev Smallwood

Nev Smallwood

"He was always involved in some sport – cricket, golf, bowls, darts, pool, dominoes or cards – and had many trophies to prove his prowess.

"He was a founder member of Oakmere Cricket club from the age of 16, had belonged to the Firbobs Golf and Bowls club since it started and was a member of the Delamere Golf Club, where they flew their flag at half-mast in his honour the day he died."

Nev leaves behind two children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild which were his 'delight'.

Heather added: "Nev has always lived within a six-mile radius.

"Our first move was by tractor and trailer, second by articulated lorry, third by a bread van, and fourth by horse box.

"This will be by tractor and trailer so we have come full circle."