A BARNTON-based business is proud to announce that is has been featured in The Parliamentary Review for the second time.

Ecogreen Plant Hire, which was founded in 2013 by Stuart and Dorothy Southern, provides the construction, quarrying and landfill industries with a unique, waterless wheel wash system to prevent mud from leaving sites and making a mess on roads.

It has been featured as a best practice representative for the 2021 edition of The Parliamentary Review, a publication which looks at how key British organisations are responding to different political and economic challenges.

Explaining the need for Ecogreen Plant Hire's waterless wheel wash system, the article explains: "The rain that makes ours a green and pleasant land also has the unfortunate effect of turning construction sites into difficult and unpleasant bogs

"To stay within the law, construction firms must take steps to ensure mud created by their operations isn’t carried off-site and onto surrounding roads – local authorities have the power to shut down sites if they consider roads surrounding site exits to be too dirty and, as such, hazardous.

"At the very least, constructors are increasingly mindful of their social and environmental responsibilities to limit the negative impacts of their operations."

The waterless system involves a raised grid which vehicles drive over, and has been chosen for some high-profile projects in recent years.

The technology creates vibration and tyre flexing to remove mud without clogging the system.

Ecogreen Plant Hire's full article at theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/ecogreen-plant-hire.