A CARE provider that runs nursing homes in both Northwich and Knutsford has confirmed the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines has resulted in a clear improvement in infection rates.

Kingsley Healthcare, which was founded in 1999 by CEO Daya Thyan and his wife Sumi, started with one care home in Lowestoft in Suffolk.

In the years since then it has grown rapidly and now employs nearly 1,800 staff, caring for 1,100 in 31 homes across the country.

The company operate Redwalls Nursing Home in Sandiway and Sharston House Nursing Home in Knutsford, while also owning two other homes in Cheshire, at Congleton and Timperley.

Since the pandemic began in March last year, the impact on the care and nursing home sector has been hugely significant, both in terms of the tragic deaths of residents who died after contracting the virus, and also the impact lockdown restrictions has had on visitors being able to see and spend time with their loved ones.

However, since the roll out of vaccines in December, a spokesman for Kinglsey said there had already been a noticeable benefit to both staff, residents and visitors alike.

They said: "We have seen a very positive response from the vaccine, with a significant reduction in the infection rate.

"We have also seen reductions in staff absences and isolation.

"The vaccine take-up has been a great success with 94 per cent of staff already vaccinated.

"The Kingsley homes have all had one vaccination and the rollout of the second ones will be completed in the next four to six weeks.

"The process of vaccine rollout to staff has become easier and quicker over time."

The company also say the vaccine rollout and had a noticeable and positive impact on the number of outbreaks, with there being nothing like the months between March and December last year.

"We have seen no large-scale outbreak," the spokesman added.

"A couple of homes have seen residents testing positive but remaining asymptomatic.

"It has not spread around the home like it did pre-vaccination."

Further positive news after the vaccine rollout is the fact loved ones are now able to visit their loved ones again and hold their hand.

The spokesman said: "All of the homes are now able to have one named visitor and one care giver coming into the home.

"Following a negative Lateral Flow Test, they are able to come into the home and hold hands with their loved ones easier.

"This is less restrictive and we have seen many residents and their loved ones having meaningful visits and contact."