A SECTION of popular canal in Northwich has been closed to the public while repair work is carried out.

The prolonged and heavy rains brought by Storm Christoph which resulted in devastating floods, also called a landslip on the Trent and Mersey canal.

Teams from the Canal and River Trust say that are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible, with the canal almost completely blocked around the Barnton tunnel area.

While the repair work is carried out, both the canal navigation and the towpath running alongside it will remain closed.

A Canal & River Trust spokesperson said: "Our teams continue to work together to investigate and deal with the significant slip of material from third party owned land between Bridge 200, Soot Hill and Bridge 201 on the Trent & Mersey Canal following damaged caused by Storm Christoph in late January.

"The canal is almost completely blocked by a mass of soil and vegetation including mature trees which slipped from the neighbouring land.

"We have been carrying out regular monitoring surveys of the slope since the storm which indicate that the landslip remains stable.

"We are working with contractors and others to find a way to reopen the canal as quickly as possible and are proceeding cautiously, as we need to be satisfied that work we carry out will avoid causing further damage to the neighbouring land.

"While we sympathise with the impact on our customers, we are also aware of the potential impact on our neighbours.

"For the safety of all our customers, towpath access and canal navigation remain closed until we can safely carry out repairs."