I, like many people, love chocolate, as do many of my family members. Sometimes there can be just too much of it around, which can be a dieter’s nightmare.

Last Easter although I did give my teens and their grandmas chocolate, I also bought them L’Occitane Easter eggs, which were tin shaped eggs filled with beauty products, such as shower gel, body lotion and handcream.

They were gratefully received. It looked a beautiful gift and the products smelt wonderful.

I thought I would give you some ideas for Easter gifts that are not of the chocolate variety.

  • Rituals Beauty Easter Egg containing shower foam, hand balm, eau de parfum. The products are described as a serene and fresh scent, this is priced at £32.50.
  • Easter Egg Candle personalised by Kindred Fires; the candles come in a variety of scents in a jar where you can have a personalised message, a lovely gift priced at £17.
  • Dove Beauty Egg, this is fantastic value at £6.50 and contains nourishing body wash and a hand cream. What is not to love!
  • L’Occitane beauty Easter Egg, containing a bodycare gift set, with the refreshing Verbena fragrance, or the cherry blossom egg looks and smells beautiful. £13.60 is also great value for nice quality products.
  • Look Fantastic Beauty Egg, this egg is filled with six luxury products, including Rodial, Elemis, Eve Lom and COLOUR WOW, retailing at £65 and is worth over £220.

Now if you feel you have been too late to order this year, these companies tend to make these gifts annually, so you can always keep it in mind for next year or wait to see if they go on sale and treat yourself.

Another good idea is to create your own beauty egg, you could make or buy empty eggs made from cardboard or tin (keep the environment in mind if you can and avoid the plastic ones). Fill with your favourite beauty products, and add a little chocolate as an extra treat.

A lovely task to do with your children to give to grandparents. It does not have to be expensive, just shop around, Boots often do three for the price of two, so a free little treat for yourself as well.

To make the gift more personal choose a beauty product and bake an Easter biscuit and wrap with ribbon.

Another lovely Easter treat would be to buy your loved one a voucher for a treatment from your local beauty salon, wrap with a small chocolate for a decadent treat, I am sure it will be greatly received and you will be helping a local business get back on their feet.

Don’t forget men love salon treatments too!


The problem: My red nose is making me self-conscious.  
I am a man in my late 30s, and my nose over time has become very red and noticeable. My work colleagues always think that I have been drinking alcohol the night before. I am sick of the jokes and it is making me embarrassed. 
Can you help?

My advice: I wanted to share this problem that a male client consulted me with quite a while ago pre-Covid, and I have had similar questions asked over the last few weeks. I notice it also on people who have not been able to access their usual treatments.

I was lucky enough to treat this person, very successfully, but remember every skin is different, so don’t self-diagnose, book in for a consultation, it can be done over zoom or face time before the salons reopen.

This is a common problem in men and women as they get to middle age, although I have seen an increase in similar issues with the wearing of face masks. This particular client had acne rosacea, so the following advice was given.

  •  We did a mix of IPL treatments with high frequency and blue light LED in salon, with oxygen over a period of time. 
  • He was advised to avoid alcohol when possible and spicy foods. If you do have to indulge in alcohol from time to time, avoid red wine go for white instead, and add soda or lemonade.  Limit your drinks, and look after yours skin prior to bed time using a soothing product. He used redless by Aspect Dr, but there are so many and a consultation will guide you the right way. 
  • I put him on a gentle skin care routine, and I only introduced one product at a time.  He also had to wear daily sunscreen as it is absolutely imperative to do so in order to avoid un-even pigmentation in the skin following IPL treatments.
  • Avoid where possible too much heat, also going from hot temperatures to cold and visa versa. If you do have to go out in very cold temperatures, cover your face to just beneath the eyes but avoid itchy material, silk would be best.
  • Be very gentle with the skin, no exfoliation flannels or facial sponges, as they can be too much for a skin with rosacea.
  • Avoid hot drinks, either wait until your beverage is lukewarm or drink iced tea.
  • Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • Learn what your triggers are and avoid them. Stress is often a trigger, so learn to relax!

The results were great, the IPL was the most successful for this gent’s skin and he felt so much better.  A top up treatment is often needed, usually in the winter months or in times of stress.

If you have any beauty and skin care concerns, please email me at emma@thecheshirebeautybarn.co.uk