THE 1874 COLUMN – by club secretary Vicki England

AS everyone knows, the pandemic has hit so many worthy causes extremely hard and has stopped important fundraising projects from taking place.

Indeed at 1874 Northwich, our community initiatives have had to be postponed or scaled down because of the restrictions.

This month, however, 1874 chairman Steve Richardson is walking 10,000 steps, 8km or five miles a day extra to help beat cancer.

During his working day, he normally covers around 8,500 steps, but this is a challenge on top of that.

Steve is raising funds to help towards lifesaving research. All of us will have been affected by cancer at least one time in our lives, either after watching a family member or friend battling it or perhaps personally fighting it.

Therefore, research is so critical to put an end to the suffering it causes. Steve is now in his third week and is doing very well, despite having to battle the wind and the rain at times.

He’s seeing a little more of the local area each day and is now an expert at dodging wheelie bins on pavements!

Steve is sharing his progress on social media and with 1874 supporters in the various club contact groups.

He has been sent ideas of music to listen to along the way by supporters to keep him marching and motivated. Steve’s initial goal was to raise £250 however he has now exceeded that target and is not stopping until he has raised as much as he can.

If anyone can support Steve to ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ and make a donation, he and the club would appreciate it.


Further information can be found on the 1874 Northwich social media pages or @1874community.