THE number of new positive Covid cases in the last 24 hours across Cheshire East and West closely matches those seen all week.

In the latest figures released by Public Health England, which are correct up to 9am today, February 19, there were a total of 132 new cases; with exactly 66 in both boroughs.

It is the third consecutive day this week numbers have been above 130, with yesterday's total of 138 just about representing the most, with 134 recorded on Wednesday.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have now been a total of 19,319 people who have tested positive in Cheshire East and 20,20,196 in Cheshire West.

Despite the number of positive cases this week remaining consistent, the overall infection rate continues on a downward spiral.

In Cheshire West, the rate is now 133.2 per 100,000 people after 457 positive cases in the last seven day period up to February 14.

That figure is once again lower than it was yesterday (138.7) which is significantly lower than what it was a week ago (182.2) and 50 per cent less than what it was two weeks ago (269).

Meanwhile, in Cheshire East, the rate is now 120 per 100,000 people after 461 positive cases during the same seven day period.

Once again, that figure is less than what it was yesterday (122.3) which is again much lower than what it was last week (168.4) and what it was two weeks ago (197.3).