GUARDIAN readers have been sharing their memories of a popular Northwich barber after he announced his retirement this week.

Malcolm Wood opened his barbershop on the corner of Owen Street and Norbury Street back in 1970 and until the last twelve, pandemic-affected months has been cutting hair there for 51 years.

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The 70-year-old told us he felt it was the right time to put the scissors down and enjoy a well deserved retirement with his wife.

Northwich Guardian: Malcolm opened his shop in 1970 and here he is during his first week.

Malcolm opened his shop in 1970 and here he is during his first week.

He said: "I'll obviously miss my customers like hell and I've got such a good customer base.

"It's just got to that stage where I want to enjoy myself a bit more."

And by the looks of the comments left on our Facebook page, many of his customers are going to miss him too.

Phil Blocksidge commented: "Always had my hair cut at Malcolm's in '70s and 80s.

"I left Northwich almost 30 years ago and was amazed that he was still working.

"A local institution.

"My memory is of Malcolm looking like Tony Blackburn, wearing clogs and chatting away to my dad.

"Great memories.

"Time for a well earned rest indeed."

Karen Riding commented: "Aww good luck to you Malc.

"Wish you a very long and happy retirement.

"Only seems like yesterday when you’d cut the lads hair and they’d both brush up for you afterwards.

"They are 32 next week."

Derek Dudley commented: "I've been going to Malc's for the last 45 years.

"l use to take my son Jason and grandchildren Dylan and Keigan.

"Have a great retirement.

"God bless you always, stay safe."

Northwich Guardian: Malcolm Wood in his Owen Street barbershop.

Malcolm Wood in his Owen Street barbershop.

Jayne Hipkin commented: "We used to live opposite and my husband went every three weeks, even after we moved.

"Russ built up a great friendship with Malc over the years and when we went on holiday he would save his Euro coins to pay him.

"Malc will be missed by all of his customers."

Jonny Amery commented: "I remember a time we were having our haircut and the power went out.

"Malc followed us home and finished the haircuts in our living room."

Phill Atkinson commented: "Always used to go Malc's for my hair on way home from school.

"He did my first ear piercing too, I had tramlines put in my hair, and he also shaved a teenage mutant ninja turtle face in the back of my hair in the late 80's."

Luke Dean commented: "Used to love going as a kid, sat reading one of the magazines asking him for 20p for the hot chocolate machines.

Aran Clark commented: "I used to go there all the time as a kid.

"He’s a top bloke, nice little shop too, his mirror being surrounded by Man Utd t-shirts and fake money and his little birds chirping.

"Don’t blame him for wanting to chill out now.

"Wish I got a cut by him before lockdown."

Andrew Cannon commented: "Always loved going to Malc's with the boys.

"Malc always had a laugh and a joke with them and there was always someone popping their head in to say hi.

"Enjoy your retirement Malc. You will be missed."

Olwyn Dean commented: "Malcolm gave up his time to go to Leftwich High School when my son decided to have his very long hair cut for charity.

"Paul was about 14 and he sat on the stage at the school whilst Malcolm cut his hair but only after Miss Major had made the first cut.

"Such a lovely man."