MORE than 50 unwanted devices have been collected by Rotary in Northwich and given to schools to distribute to children who need them during lockdown.

As well as laptops, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones that were no longer being used have all had data scrubbed and had the latest operating system installed by local IT professionals.

Trever Meech, from Rotary Northwich said: "We became involved in this thanks to one of our members who looks after our vocational committee.

"He came up with the idea of getting old laptops and devices refurbished.

"When lockdown came again, a lot of schools in the Northwich area had kids which might not have a device to do their home schooling.

"There was a lady in the Castle area who was doing something similar so he has been able to pair up with her as we had plenty of local contacts.

"One of the our other members contacted five primary schools and forged a relationship with the teachers there so when they're ready we can just hand them over."

The Rotary have collected more than 50 devices so far, with a campaign of local advertising making people aware of how any unwanted technology can be given a new lease of life and put to good use.

"It's gone really well so far," added Trevor.

"We've been able to get them refurbished and have the latest operating system installed on them.

"The work was carried out by local IT companies, including Level One Computers.

"Once the work has been completed, they get passed on to the five schools who then distribute to the pupils that need them most.

"There is definitely a need for them at the moment and we would ask anyone to contact us if they would like to donate.

"There are loads out there.

"It's amazing how many people just stack them away in garages, lofts and things."

Any local schools who have children requiring devices are being encouraged to contact Rotary in Northwich to request devices.

To donate a laptop, tablet, iPad or mobile phone that is no longer required please contact Rotary in Northwich either via a Personal Message to their Facebook Page @RotaryNorthwichVR or an e-mail to and they

will arrange for their collection.