DESPITE more than 100 new positive Covid-19 cases being confirmed across Cheshire East and West in the latest daily figures, the overall infection rate continues to fall.

New Public Health England data covers the 24-hour period up to 9am today, February 16.

In that time there were 58 new cases in Cheshire East and 65 in Cheshire West, which is a total 123 across both boroughs.

Meanwhile, the infection rate for the area continues to slow, with rates being at their lowest since early December.

Cheshire East's infection rate is 129.6 per 100,000, following 498 cases in the seven days up until February 11.

This represents a significant drop from yesterday's figure of 141.9 and 190.8 from a week ago, with the peak coming back on January 4 when the rate was more than three times higher at 497.7.

The rate across Cheshire West is seeing a consistent drop, with today's 147.5 per 100,000, with 506 cases in the seven days up until February 11.

It was 156.8 per 100,000 yesterday, 217.4 a week ago and considerably less than what it was at its peak on January 4 when the figure was almost four times as high at 625.8.