WE all know that Neumann's Flash is one of the many hidden gems that make Northwich brilliant.

But it was even more beautiful on Wednesday evening, when this flock of starlings produced an incredible murmuration against a stunning sunset.

It was captured by Sofia Layton, a canal boat resident who usually moors in Leeds, but has been in Northwich during the ongoing lockdown.

She said the murmuration 'felt like a cross between an aurora and waves crashing in on a beach'.

"I started to notice murmurations above the boat over the last few days," Sofia told the Guardian.

"I realised it was above the flash so I planned a walk to end at the flash around the same time, and I was so glad that I did.

"It was absolutely amazing – stunning. Each night before it had been smaller than that, but last night it was just more intense.

"I was in the right place at the right time – I was blown away by it."

Sofia travelled from Leeds to Northwich by boat last summer, and had been to visit North Wales along the Llangollen Canal.

The 51-year-old was returning to Leeds but had to stay in Northwich en-route when the lockdown was announced last month.

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She added: "I do really love it here – it is so nice for walks.

"It's just me on my own in the boat. I've done it for four-and-a-half years – I absolutely love the lifestyle."