A GENEROUS entrepreneur from Northwich has paid for every hotel room at the Slow and Easy for a week to support families affected by flooding.

Ben Kershaw, who founded the Golden Egg recruitment firm, saw that the Lostock Gralam hotel was offering its rooms out at a reduced rate for families that needed accommodation.

He agreed to pay for every room in the hotel for a week, and provide some extra funds for additional camp beds, so anyone who needs urgent accommodation is able to find shelter.

“I’ve lived in Northwich my whole life and after I have seen the destruction caused to businesses and homes by flooding,” Ben told the Guardian.

“The council is trying its best but sometimes it can take time to get the money sorted. I was in a position to help, so I thought why not?

“I rang four or five hotels but most of them were closed. I have paid for a week but if anyone needs it for longer I can cover that.”

Lauri Pass, who runs the Slow and Easy, was delighted to accept Ben’s kind offer.

She is now taking calls from people who need the rooms – and wants anyone who is struggling to get in touch.

“It’s absolutely amazing what Ben has done,” she said.

“Sadly we’ve not been in a position to offer the rooms for free – if we could have done we would – but we have to cover the costs and we have been closed due to Covid.

“We had a family in last night with five children, and an elderly couple as well. Now the rooms have been paid for hopefully we can help more people.

“Some people might only need to stay for one or two nights, but the rooms are there for the week, and anyone else who needs them later on will be able to stay. We just want to help in any way we can.”

If you or someone you know needs a room following the floods, call Lauri on 07427 777858.