HUNDREDS of children have received personal mobile computers to enable them to study remotely during lockdown.

Teachers from Winsford High Street Community Primary School have visited the homes of almost 500 pupils to deliver a Samsung 7 Galaxy tablet.

Staff are now distributing iPads to younger children in reception classes.

Headteacher Mark Joule said: "We want to make sure that every child has access to home learning. We are delighted with these devices. We have been working with Samsung to get an appropriate package."

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Teachers have been planning the project since last October and used funding from the Government's catch up programme plus money from the school budget to buy the devices.

Safety mechanisms have been built into the tablets to prevent children accessing any social media sites or any inappropriate material.

Northwich Guardian: Twins Jasmine and Molly Lloyd receive their tablets Twins Jasmine and Molly Lloyd receive their tablets

Twins Jasmine and Molly Lloyd receive their tablets

"The tablets have been very well received by families," said Mr Joule. "We more than understand that families have other jobs to do. It is difficult for them to fulfil their own roles at the same as teaching their children.

"With these devices they will not be chasing around looking for passwords.They are easy to follow and have a simplistic menu. Children simply click onto an app and can communicate with staff through a chat function.

"We are constantly checking with pupils to make sure they feel comfortable with what they are doing."

The tablets are not just for lockdown.

"When we actually return to normality, children can take them home as a homework device," said Mr Joule.

"They can use them in school and each year they will be rolled down so that year six will pass them to year one. We will be putting in a programme of replacement for when the devices become too old."

Northwich Guardian: Harry Wallace with his new tabletHarry Wallace with his new tablet

Harry Wallace with his new tablet

Parents are being praised for supporting their children's learning so well through lockdown.

"I think our families have been really brilliant," said Mr Joule. "Our children are engaging and parents are supporting their work very well.

"All schools within Winsford Education Partnership are supporting their pupils in the way they feel right. We felt this was the right way for the children of High Street.

"We have received a lot of positive comments from families who appreciate what we are doing."